Author: Patrick McBane Created: 6/11/2009 4:25 AM
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Focus – Perspective – Strength

Strange and challenging days we are living my friends. Not unusual as we have been told that over and over in the Word of God. What I sense with many friends and my own experience lately is that

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 We often pray out of our fear. The key is to pray out of love – perfect love.  Perfect love casts out fear. When we pray out of fear we... 

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Sinking Sand?

Mind Shift

Overwhelmed? Burdened? Anxious? When you are in this place - remember that...

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 Workplace Prayer - Praying with Kingdom Effectiveness  

Lack of identity, lack of destiny, lack of direction, inability to make key decisions, distrust of leaders, a nawing sense of failure…  Have you ever felt these things?

Have you ever felt overlooked, under used, under - appreciated, or unrecognized? 

It’s time for Kingdom Effectiveness

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 You've probably heard the adage - 'timing is everything.'  I don't believe it's everything, but it can make up a lot of the thing.  Doing things from a self-initiated position versus a God initiated one is the difference between disappointment and appointment.  This is where timing meets purpose.  

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If you don’t know why you do what you do, how can someone else buy into and participate in the very thing you’re asking them to do?

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Initiatives and the Kingdom of God

You and I were created to discover. I don’t care what your background is, or what your historical bent or beliefs might be. We were ALL created to experience revealed, discovered truth. As a matter of fact, we actually have an internal mechanism that longs for it. (Proverbs 25:2)

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We often pray out of our fear. The key is to pray out of love – perfect love.  Perfect love casts out fear. When we pray out of fear we pray defensively and reactively.  When we pray in love we pray...

Almighty God, I pray for a fresh baptism and purifying of my heart. Grant me the gift of repentance (the ability to change distorted thinking and directional disobedience). Cleanse me from my sin (Distortions – the ability to listen to You; Distractions – the ability to see You; and Divisions – the ability to Trust You and others in relationship). Make me... 

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Praying the Will of God  


Initiative is a big thing in business. Without it you're certain to be surpassed by co-workers, customers and the competition. As Kingdom Ambassadors in the Marketplace what does it mean for us to "do nothing on our own initiative"? 

It can only mean that God has an initiative that is greater and better than ours. That initiative is only realized once we truly lay down our lives for His name sake.

What does it mean to do the Will of God?  God will not compete with us. His will is perfect and good because it works and transforms. 

Do you equate the WILL of God with...

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As a baseline for ‘effective prayer’ the profound distinction between praying for and praying from our position in Christ must be established. This distinction is solidified by understanding the difference between sin behavior and being a sinner. If I enter into the prayer arena with the misconception that ...

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