Oct 31

Written by: Patrick McBane
10/31/2016 3:03 PM 


Perspective - Patience - Precision

We live in an age where Perspective, Patience and Precision must be cultivated in a way that allows us as Christ followers to see what God sees, in order to adapt, yield and receive what God has for us, so that we can strategically advance the grace and goodness of God to others.

Let's talk about perspective. Perspective is the ability to see things from a different and more favorable position in order to identify a more hopeful opportunity. Our perspectives are influenced by our mindsets, our environments and our beliefs. Perspective is gained, not granted. In other words - we have to move toward, cultivate and build an appropriate perspective. If not, we succumb to the influence of perspective shapers, voices and contradictions.

Here's a perspective that I have about God and His promises -
The Lord has blessed me. I am kept securely in His hands today. He sees me. His gaze is penetrating and powerful. His gaze pushes back every problem and replaces it with grace. He is good to me. The face of God is turned toward my life and His purpose and peace are mine. His plans still work and the best days are yet to come.

Let's talk about patience as it pertains to God's perspective and promises -

When God gives you a promise - He goes into your future - He grabs hold of how He sees you, and He comes back to where you are today. He then begins to work in you the necessary nature (DNA) that is Him. In other words - He gives us what we need not what we want. Our perspective lens about God and His promises may be skewed if my orientation in life is "want" oriented. When I believe that God is good - I have to believe that He works into me what's missing. I have to believe that He leads me in and to places of abundant blessing. He then begins to work out what is in the way. Because all of His promises are Yes from a present-future standpoint - He has to say No to a present barriers that would keep me from experiencing fulfillment in the future.
You wouldn't do any different with your children.
Therefore, patience is God's virtue. A virtue he has deposited in us and one that must be cultivated and multiplied through us.

Finally, let's talk about Precision. Precision is the ability to repeat the same action over and over with the same accuracy and desired results. Here's the key - you can't execute the same action with precision externally until you've mastered it internally. The pattern of thinking that you engage in every day is the prerequisite for how you feel and what you do everyday.
Are you thinking about what you think?
Is there a clear, rehearsed, articulated process from you that is consistent with what God says about Himself and what He says about you in relation to Himself daily? If not, put one in place.

The days ahead will be challenging. (Period). Are preparing for them intentionally today?

1. Find out where you are with your perspectives by evaluating what your tendency is with negative or bad news. Do you tend to agree with it and wallow in it, or do you offer a perspective for good that will change you and your surroundings?

2. Find out where you are with your patience by asking someone else if they think you are patient or restless? Are you or do you tend to get frustrated by things like - waiting in traffic, in lines, do you have attitudes toward others who have different points of view? If so, in humility and gentleness begin to own and apologize for these areas of unrest.

3. Find out where precision is working or needs to work for you. What do you do daily to improve? What consistent practice is a part of your 'personal transformation' process? Are there inconsistencies that you need to address and own. Remember, if you go this road alone - your chances for improvement lessen. If you go this road with others you now have a built in partner and feedback friend that makes continuous improvement a greater possibility.