Nov 21

Written by: Patrick McBane
11/21/2017 3:50 PM 


Over the last 5 years Marketplace Solutions has led a focused effort to equip emerging leaders in emerging countries around the world using a powerful training called Transformational Leadership. We have served leaders in Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Ghana, Ethiopia, and the Philippines.

Our objective - to positively transform individuals and cultures thru a unique encounter with Jesus Christ - by teaching simple, reproducible and sustainable tools that transform even more individuals and cultures. We are beyond thankful and amazed at how God has gone before us and used our small efforts to move this vision forward.

In October we traveled to the Philippines where we served over 350 leaders in 3 cities across the islands. By far this trip had some of the greatest impact. Below is a testimony of one of our participants -

"I can't emphasize enough how insightful, and applicable the strategies were once I learned to apply them in my personal and professional life. The transformation journey I went through over the past years was a very humbling and honest experience. Not only did I become more at peace with myself but it also led me to a new career path." - Missy D.

Thank you for partnering! I have some ambitious goals for 2018 and I need your partnership again. Imagine hundreds and thousands of additional leaders being taught, trained and equipped. We anticipating working with no less then 4 countries in 2018 We will be creating strategies and teaching specific tools that address current needs. Join us today by donating to this vision and help us serve.