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The marketplace is the cradle of influence in every nation around the world and we believe that once marketplace leaders are recognized and released as God's agents of transformation, then the marketplace will change.  When the marketplace changes, our cities will change.  And when our cities change, not just spiritually, though that is our primary goal, but economically and socially then we will have stepped into the calling on each of us to fulfill the Great Commission.


Be strong in the power of His might!

 Be strong in the power of His might!

So many are feeling exhausted today.  When we get run down - with no rest in sight - If the ax is dull and its edge un-sharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success. It is not a skill to make a dull ax work more.  It's a skill to recognize the fact that the ax is dull. (Eccl. 10:10) What do you do today to acquire this skill? 

The Torrents of Adversity

The Torrents of Adversity

Adversity is a difficult teacher and a powerful revealer of substance and belief!

Even before the torrents of Hurricane Harvey moved across east Texas – there were historical records of similar devastating realities at our fingertips.  It’s amazing what adversity reveals.  Adversity is indeed a difficult teacher, and it is also a powerful revealer of substance (hope & love) and belief (faith). 

Level 4 Change - that works for you, not against you


 Level 4 Change - that works for you, not against you.

Think about yourself and any team / organization you are in today. Identify an area in your work and/or personal life that is challenging and / or changing. Now, think about the following 4 levels of Change below and assess what areas are the ones that keep you from experiencing powerful change personally and in your relationships.


Spiritual, Economic, and Social Transformation